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IT Networks – Celebrations from Last Year’s Awards

IT Networks – Celebrations from Last Year’s Awards

The aim of the IT Volunteering Awards is to recognise and celebrate the best IT volunteers and IT volunteering projects and last year it was the charities themselves who were also celebrated.

We worked hard after the ceremony to publicise all the winners and finalists and help with their own publicity. Our friends at Community Newswire were really helpful in getting the message out to local press and media outlets which was ideal for the smaller charities like 1Voice and Dawn’s New Horizon. We posted the story on the Community Newswire site and their expert journalists tailored each winner and finalist story for their local media so one piece of effort from us meant many media wins.

Katie and Tamsin from 1Voice

Katie and Tamsin from 1Voice

1Voice, a network and support charity for children and families using communication aids, won the 2007 Best Project – Impact on Organisation Award. They quickly found themselves on the front page of the Halifax Evening Courier and talking about their charity live on Bradford’s Pulse Radio. The winning volunteer, Tamsin Crothers, said:

”Thank you, it really raises our profile and gets the message across”.

We were also lucky enough to be featured in The Register, one of the worlds largest online technology publications. The UK and US account for more than 1.5 million readers each a month – that’s a lot of potential volunteers! Thankfully, The Register News Editor, John Oates, is one of our expert judges again this year.

With the support of the BCS and appiChar for the 2008 Awards the winners’ stories will be spread further across the IT and Third Sector publicity networks. The winning charities will not only get £500 prize money but also local & national recognition allowing more people to access the support they provide.




  1. Hi Josh and everyone – brilliant to hear of such worthy winners. And I loved your idea of a post that celebrates the network that bring it to life – I will copy this for our Digital Unite Silver Surfer of the Year Awards in October 09.
    I sometimes feel it’s a whole new way of life trying to stay involved with other people’s overlapping campaigns and also asking for reciprocal networking – but the more I do it, the more personally rewarding it seems (ie, as a virtual worker, it actually begins to feel like a wide-network virtual office, wider than it could possibly be in a real office).
    So thanks for this nice idea – and all power to yo and your winners!
    Gill and the Team at Digital Unite

  2. Hi Josh: although we werent as lucky as 1Voice in terms of publicity, the award (for innovation) has helped us raise the profile and credibility of our project and we go on with it. We are also now in touch with other groups who are working in this field eg DC10plus and continue to work to minimise social exclusion.

    Good luck to the entrants this year – it was a thrill to win last time! Linda

  3. Hi

    What a great blog. Hopefully it will raise your profile even more as an organisation and provide an excellent forum for people to network.

    We had a fabulous time at the awards last year – thank you – and it was a real boost for 1Voice to receive the award. I felt very honoured as all the projects were so amazing and IT4C made us all feel very special.

    We wish everyone well with this year’s awards and hope that it is as positive for the 2008 projects as it was for us 🙂


  4. Hi,

    Well done for providing a chance to celebrate and promote such important work. LVSC recently ran an awards ceremony as part of our AGM called “Success Stories” and when I watched the winners claim their prizes I realised just how touched people are to be recognised for all their hard work. There is much innovation and dedication out there and the more opportunities there are to celebrate this the better!


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